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Monday, September 13, 2010

weather forecast.

i'm wearing my coat and my boots walking through this street, hearing some good music on my player, looking up for enjoying some gorgeous view of a thousands clouds. then gazing my own shoes and back to my pleasure zone alone. thinking 'bout how life could be so interesting and meaningfull when you have a great point of view about it. you didn't regret everything in the past, you can't look back and you have to move on.
"when you see the skies are blue, i'm just say it isn't.
when you think cloudy day makes you weak, i can say, it doesn't."
could you clearly think about it, how great weather and a nice view can give a big effect to someone's life? it happens to me. all the time. i just can't move my own legs to walk out when the sun too shiny and bright. when traffic getting more worst on summer air. when people much greedy and follow their ego. when skies haven't show their lovely grey clouds. i can say, that i need a great weather and a nice cloudy day to start my day. it's true and i'll keep this forever. even i've promise myself to it.
is this bad? my life's depends on a weather forecast?is it normal? is it logic?
that's why i always said that Bandung, the city that i loved the most, are giving me a lot of pleasure on weather things. i don't hate rain, it's melancholy. it's beautiful.
when i walk on the empty street, wearing my favourite outfits and listening good music with a nice weather and great skies, you know how it feels?
i feel glorious.